Thursday, February 5, 2009

Dear Fellow Mathematicians

Everyday and time i think about you all, i cant just help but try to form that am not missing you all. Its hard and painful to think of the fact that I might never ever get to see some of you all again.

Its so hard to say goodbye to yesterday.

But 20 children cannot play for 20twenty years they say.

The Gospel truth be told,
if you folks think its all over, if you think that after convocation rice and all those light flashing devices we pointed at each other to capture images and the nearer to fake than original smiles and compliments we shared that I Ibrahim Adekunle Durosimi (a Nigeria Minister and U.N Ambassador would be) would just let you go like that. The Bad News THINK AGAIN.

Cos am stuck to you like good memories, cos that what you all bring to me Good memories.

Where should i start from, all those test and exams we wrote together plus all the dolling Voltrons we formed that never had a Red Lion, the MAT 303 and 304 we took and passed but barely understood, the MAT 308 and 208 we still till today doubt if the scripts were marked, the love shared in common for Prof. Adepoju, the unified opinion about Dr. Ajala and Dr Hansel, the Record we shared as the Set with the Highest number of graduating 1st Class and grad students, as the set that never did a Dinner Party because of lack of trust, the record setting Tour we went on, the clicks we formed, jaja sona diploma makama inexcess amongst other questionable clicks, the trophies we won from playing football, the classes we attended together the lectures we stabbed together the pranks we all played together........................

Really if i had a chance to do it all over again, I wouldn't hesitate to choose you guys again. Each and everyone of you. You are unique in your style, different in your being, outstanding in your performance, blessed in your personality, admirable in your qualities, encouraging in your approach and lovely in your looks.

It is with a heart half filled with tears of joy and a heart half empty with regrets that I, with a mix emotions of love and anger punch at my keyboard to say all this.Partly because all along when I was around you, i never really appreciated you all enough (Never miss your water till the Well runs Dry) (Never miss what you've got till its gone). And partly because there is more to you all that I still don't understand.

truth be told I will miss you all, but I beg of you, i know and we know some of you are well connected like a promiscuous NITEL Cable and some of you go are everywhere like home video posters, gathering information like a CNN reporter who needs to be promoted, anything you come across and are sure would benefit us all in our professional and personal aspirations PLEASE this is not the Exam all share it with us, there are no invigilators to arrest you, Write it on the wall of this group.

Lets for the First time in a Long time Form a Voltrorn that would work.

I have missed, I am missing and I will continue to Miss You All
Fatima Samuel Bambo Nma Bisola Onome John White Somefun Franklin SegunOshikoya Smith Pacheco Adedigba Bash Gboye and You ALL in Particular.

Lots of Love.

Can we all have a joint Val Celebration together somewhere affordable and romantic together?

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