Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Building strong Community Friendships

Establishing relationships with other members from a variety of communities is extremely vital for your community and your personal growth. This can largely determine how much your community can enjoy your life today and tomorrow. Unless your community actually has giving and caring relationships with other communities, your kind, as a whole, could probably miss out on the joys of interaction and socializing. At least take time to listen for others and watch out for them; it’s amazing how many wonders these simple gestures can do.

It is truly difficult to build up a healthy friendship with another community without having relationships of “convenience.” Remember that the essence of a true and righteous friendship is the sacrifices that you will make for one another with no expectation of gratitude or a return compliment. The sacrificing act is truly out of the feeling for the people and that feeling is unconditional in nature.

To establish strong friendships, have listening ears and open hearts so that you can partake in the emotions of the other. Being open to other’s emotions will mean that you will also end up having plenty of people with whom you can multiply your joy and divide your sorrows. This true form of friendship can eventually transform into love between members of different sections.
To continue a healthy relationship, stay away from conditions and make sure that there are no strings attached among both parties. Always be willing to help out with a mind which is totally free of any preconceived conclusions that you will receive something in return; this is probably the only actual way by which you can build strong community friendships.

Nothing can substitute or be as valuable as a caring attitude. Individual actions by a few members of your community could greatly affect members of other communities! Make time to reach out and connect with other people. While it can be easy to confine your love and care within the home and among your close family and friends, there can be no harm done by extending the same love, support and care to others outside your circle. Get out and visit places and join social clubs which are involved in helping those in need or just involved in sharing of knowledge or interests or even experiences.

Community friendships can result in mutually beneficial relationships which cannot only
promote communal understanding and love but which can also promote the most basic purposes of humanity; to be together for one and for all!

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